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Our Awards


The quality of Hannan Meats products has been recognised by an array of prestigious awards over a sustained period. Respected institutions, such as the Guild of Fine Goods Great Taste Awards and the BPEX Foodservice Pork Product of the Year, have presented us with awards.

In fact the company has broken every record at The Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste, the only company to win 2 Supreme Champions, the company with the most 3 Stars in total with 20, the most 3 Stars awarded in a single year twice with 7, the most products listed in The Top 50 Foods in a single year with 5 and the most stars ever awarded to a company in a single year.

Moyallon 3 Sweet Bacon Ribs – HANNAN MEATS

What the Judges said..

Peter Hannan has worked his meaty magic on these bacon ribs, which are cured to a traditional recipe and then sweetened in a sugar pit for 10 days. Our Great Taste experts loved the contrast in textures between the crisp edge, soft fat and succulent meat, finding the strong sweet and salty flavours to be in tune and perfectly balanced.


Himalayan Salt Aged Rib Chop – HANNAN MEATS

What the Judges said..

The 12ft high solid wall of hand–cut Himalayan salt bricks in Hannan Meats’ dry aging chamber is fast becoming something of legend. “A fabulous, juicy rib chop,” said our judges. “This has so much flavour and the fat is like butter. It is everything you would hope for and more.”


Himalayan Salt Aged Tagliata – HANNAN MEATS

What the Judges said..

Dry–aged for a whopping 40 days, this tagliata is a handsome piece of meat that packs huge depth of flavour. “The most gloriously beautiful joint of beef we have seen in a while,” said our Great Taste panel. “The fat is amazing.”


Himalayan Salt Aged Rib of Beef – HANNAN MEATS

What the Judges said..

“Pure beef genius,” said our Great Taste experts of Hannan’s rib of beef that has been dry– aged in a salt chamber for a minimum of 28 days. “Melts in the mouth,” said judges who went on to applaud the flavoursome fat and tender texture of the meat.


Himalayan Salt Aged Fillet Steak – HANNAN MEATS

What the Judges said..

A very special fillet steak that is dry–aged on the bone. Hats off to another exemplary piece of meat from Peter Hannan and his salt–aging chamber. Judges said the steak carries a wonderfully balanced flavour and delivers a great aftertaste.

  • The most gloriously beautiful joint of beef we have seen in a while. The fat is amazing. - 2014 Great Taste Panel
  • We have been buying some fantastic Moyallon sweet-cured, smoked bacon chops from Hannan Meats in Northern Ireland, which were awarded a 3-star gold in the Great Taste Awards. - Mark Hix
  • Deeply flavourful rib, sirloin and fillet of Himalayan salt-aged Glenarm Estate beef supplied by Peter Hannan, who owns copyright in the charm of the Irish - Fay Maschler
  • I didn’t use to be a big fan of Father’s Day, but if the children presented me with a great hunk of Peter Hannan’s Salt-Aged Glenarm Beef, I’m definitely prepared to reconsider. - Tom Parker Bowles