9, Moira Industrial Estate, 34 Old Kilmore Rd, Moira
Craigavon BT67 0LZ

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Our Customers

Who We Work With

We proudly count among our customers the very first 5 clients we worked with after founding in 1991. Hopefully, that’s testament to the sort of customer service we insist on.

The chefs and retailers we work with want the finest cuts of meat. Mark Hix, Fortnum & Mason and Michael Deane are among those we supply.


The sort of meat that matches the exacting requirements of our customers does not arrive by accident at the end of a production line. Instead, we hand-pick meat according to what they want and how they plan to use it.

They trust our knowledge and experience to know we will supply cuts that are matched to their specification, while we know that our meat will be in good hands.

We believe in personal, not corporate, relationships and we know our clients by name. There will be no telesales calls from us; we know you will be in touch again when you need to place an order.


Don't be fooled by our location in the Northern Irish countryside. We have tried and tested transport routes to get our products to customers across the UK and Ireland the day after receiving their order.

You might even find we can get your meat to you earlier than your local butcher.


What we offer is not food service. In fact, you could call it a meat service. We are not a one-stop shop, so you will still need to work with a food service company for your other ingredients.

What we can promise is that a general food service company cannot compete with the quality of meat we supply.


  • The most gloriously beautiful joint of beef we have seen in a while. The fat is amazing. - 2014 Great Taste Panel
  • We have been buying some fantastic Moyallon sweet-cured, smoked bacon chops from Hannan Meats in Northern Ireland, which were awarded a 3-star gold in the Great Taste Awards. - Mark Hix
  • Deeply flavourful rib, sirloin and fillet of Himalayan salt-aged Glenarm Estate beef supplied by Peter Hannan, who owns copyright in the charm of the Irish - Fay Maschler
  • I didn’t use to be a big fan of Father’s Day, but if the children presented me with a great hunk of Peter Hannan’s Salt-Aged Glenarm Beef, I’m definitely prepared to reconsider. - Tom Parker Bowles